About our meditation classes

Our meditation classes are aimed at beginners, who wish to learn about and try meditation. They are also suitable for people who have meditated in the past and are seeking to start meditating again.


Our meditation classes are free and offered as a community service. They are free at the request of Sri Chinmoy who believes, in the timeless Indian tradition, that spirituality should be made available to all.

Typical meditation course

Class 1

  • Introduction to meditation
  • ABC’s of Meditation – what to do in meditation
  • Practical Relaxation Exercise – exercise to relax mind and body
  • Breathing Exercise – learn to harness the power of breathing to quieten the mind
  • How to meditate at home.
  • About Sri Chinmoy Centre

Class 2

  • Explaining the difference between the mind and heart
  • Letting go of thoughts
  • Mantra – how mantra can be good introduction to meditation.
  • Music and meditation

Class 3

  • Aspiration – how the inner hunger for meditation can help overcome any problem.
  • Consciousness in meditation. How meditation can uplift our consciousness.

Class 4

  • Experienced meditation exercises.
  • Meditation as a daily practice.
  • The role of a guru/meditation teacher.

Further classes
The introductory course usually involves 5-6 classes. For those interested, there will be follow-up classes for those wishing to pursue their meditation as part of the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

Live music


Sometimes we have live music groups perform meditative music at our meditation classes; such as Ananda

Meditation in Oxfordshire

Over the past 30 years, many thousands of people have benefited from coming to our classes. As well as Oxford, people have come from surrounding cities such as Abingdon, Witney, Wycombe and parts of Oxfordshire.

Frequently asked questions about our classes

Do I need to bring anything?

No. Just light comfortable clothes. One tip: don’t eat a heavy meal before coming for meditation – it makes it a bit harder!

How long do classes last?

Perhaps one hour and a quarter for the first one. Later classes may last one hour and a half. You are welcome to stay behind and speak about meditation after.

Is it based on any religion?

There is no religion. We see meditation as a spiritual practise, but people will benefit from basic meditation exercises – whatever their beliefs or viewpoints.

What type of meditation do you practise?

It is based on the teachings of Sri Chinmoy. Sri Chinmoy advocates a fairly simple approach to meditation. One aspect of our path of meditation is we focus on the heart.



Meditation Class Givers

Some of the meditation class givers from Oxford

piyasi.jpgPiyasi Morris Piyasi works as a Primary School teacher in Oxford. She founded the Sri Chinmoy Centre with her husband, Sarvosmi in 1981. Piyasi also studied at Lady Margaret Hall gaining a DPhil in Radiation Biology. Piyasi is an expert photographer and keen gardener.


Tejvan Pettinger Tejvan works as an economics teacher. He joined the Sri Chinmoy Centre in 1999. Tejvan is a keen cyclist and takes part in races around the UK. He also organises running races in Cutteslowe Park, Oxford. Video with Tejvan speaking about meditation

bahumanya-guyBahumanya Guy
Bahumanya, originally from Blackpool joined the Sri Chinmoy Centre in 2001. He works as an English teacher in Oxford and is a keen marathon runner.