Oxford at Sunrise

Christ Church meadow at dawn.

Sunrise and sunset are excellent times to meditate. Sri Chinmoy teaches that early in the morning, the earth’s atmosphere is quiet and more conducive to meditation.


Songs of The Soul Oxford 2010

Songs of The Soul Oxford 2010


On 9th November we had a ‘Songs of the Soul’ Concert at the Wesley Memorial Church. It was well attended with an appreciative audience of over 400 people enjoying an evening of soulful and meditative music.


Groups of musicians had come from all over the world to take part in a European tour that included – Amsterdam, Paris, Oxford, Bristol, Dublin and London.


Thanks to all who came, you can see more photos and leave comments at Songs of the Soul – Oxford

Meditation Silence – Meditation on the Heart

“To reach the spiritual heart you have to feel that you do not have a mind, you do not have arms, you do not have legs, you have only the heart. Then you have to feel that you do not have the heart, but you are the heart. When you can feel that you are the heart and nothing else, then easily you will be able to reach your spiritual heart during your meditation.” -Sri Chinmoy

Source: Meditation Silence at Sri Chinmoy TV