New Meditation Course in Oxford


We are very pleased to be offering a new meditation course in Oxford. The course will last three weeks and be held on Tues and Thursday evening.

The first class will be offered by international guest speaker Prachar Stegemann, who is currently travelling around the world offering a series of 60 talks to celebrate Sri Chinmoy’s 60th arrival in the West (in 1964). He will be offering an evening of meditation and a short talk based on the theme of “Beyond Happiness” – living in the spiritual heart.

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  • transform the world, starting within

PRACHAR STEGEMANN, a musician by training, has followed Sri Chinmoy’s teachings for over 40 years in a lifelong quest for deeper understanding, connection and fulfilment. Leader of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre and director of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in Canberra, Australia, Prachar has offered lectures and seminars on meditation and the spiritual life in over 40 countries. His weekly blog “Meditation Matters” is published every Thursday.