What is Meditation?

Meditation is the art of silently going deep within. In real meditation we enter a consciousness  beyond the domain of thought.

Meditation is a simple and natural exercise of silencing the mind.

Sri Chinmoy says of meditation:

“When we meditate, what we actually do is enter into a vacant, calm, still and silent mind. We go deep within and approach our true existence, which is our soul”.

Our path of meditation

Our path of meditation is based on the teachings of spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy. In a broad sense, there are many similarities with other types of meditation – because we endeavour to quieten the mind and bring to the fore a consciousness of peace.

One approach Sri Chinmoy advises is focusing on the spiritual heart. It is in the heart where we can more easily detach from the thought process of the mind. If you have trouble quietening the mind, Sri Chinmoy suggests the best solution is just to bypass and try enter our spiritual heart.

During the course of meditation, you will learn about and get the opportunity to practise many different meditation techniques including:

  • Breathing exercise
  • Simple mantra and music
  • Concentration exercises (on candle / flower)
  • Concentrating on the heart
  • Visualisation exercises.
  • Learn more about our meditation course, and the people giving classes

What is the aim of meditation?

The aim of meditation is to try and enter into our own highest consciousness. In practical terms, we seek to silence the mind, quieten our thoughts and go deep within. When we leave our thought world, we can bring to the fore our inner peace and inner joy. When we learn to meditate well, we will discover a source of inner happiness, and will feel goodwill towards the rest of the world.

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Our meditation journey can take us as far as we wish to go. Some may just wish to gain 10 minutes of inner peace, early in the morning. Others may see meditation as a tool for spiritual progress – to learn our deepest and highest reality and become more aware of our own soul.

Some mantra meditation exercises

Aum Aparajitaya Namah

Aum Amritaya Namah

Aum Rudraya nama

You can download them all here

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Meditation books

meditation_man-perfection-god-satisfactionby Sri Chinmoy

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