A Twenty-First Century Seeker


3D-Twenty-First-Century-Seeker_sliderA Twenty-First Century Seeker is a practical guide to learn meditation and find greater spiritual and meaning in our everyday life. It is authored by Dr. Pradhan Balter, who has practised meditation for 45 years and offered meditation programs in more than forty countries.

“Maintaining spiritual principles in a very hectic world.”

If you are seeking to look beyond the stresses and strains of modern life, this book will help re-connect with your own inner source, whilst maintaining our daily activities of work, leisure and family. The book will give practical guidance and the confidence to find the inner stillness which helps to deal with the turmoils of life.

The book in a nutshell:

  • The book introduces a very accessible and practical approach to meditation.
  • It is written in a fresh, easily understandable and entertaining style.
  • The book fits well with the rapidly growing interest in meditation, mindfulness and yoga, which are now amongst the fastest growing areas of interest across all levels of society.
  • The book is suitable for readers from across a diverse range of cultural and religious backgrounds.
  • Chapters include
    • Change your mind
    • Meditation for the heart
    • Living a meditative lifestyle
    • The beginning of self-mastery
    • Learning our life’s lessons
    • Dealing with problems
    • Aspiration
    • The law of karma
    • The teacher and the path

The author, Dr. Pradhan Balter, is a chiropractor, vegetarian restaurant owner, and computer graphics specialist; he also travelled around the world teaching meditation for the past 43 years in more than 40 countries. He has practised meditation for 45 years as a student of the renowned spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. His down-to-earth style coupled with his sense of humour makes meditation easy and accessible.


The book is available at Amazon.co.uk and also will be available at our next set of meditation classes.