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Our meditation courses offer practical advice, inspiration and technique to help you begin a practise of meditation and discover an inner source of peace and joy.


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The Oxford Sri Chinmoy Centre have been offering free meditation classes in Oxford since 1981.


“When we meditate, what we actually do is enter into the deeper part of our being.

At that time, we are able to bring to the fore the wealth that we have deep within us.”

—Sri Chinmoy

Our meditation courses

Our free meditation courses are aimed at beginners and anyone interested in furthering their practise of meditation.

The meditation course includes a variety of exercises, including simple breathing exercises, visualisation, mantras and music. We give short talks on meditation, but emphasise practical experience of meditation.

To sign up for future classes, please use this Contact form  or ring 07952 419874


What is meditation?

  • In meditation we seek to silence the mind and bring to the fore our own inner peace and inner happiness.
  • Meditation is a journey of self-discovery which allows us to be at peace with ourselves.
  • This ancient art of meditation will help us to find meaning in our modern lives and allow us to fulfil our highest aspirations.
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About the Oxford Sri Chinmoy Centre who give meditation classes.

piyasi Our class givers

The meditation classes are given by local members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre, who have been practising meditation for many years. Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre come from many walks of life and share a common interest in meditation.

Our class givers

Sri ChinmoySri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual teacher who devoted his life to making meditation widely available. He also travelled around the world to give meditative concerts of music.

More on Sri Chinmoy

Oxford Sri Chinmoy Centre

As well as free meditation classes, the Oxford Sri Chinmoy Centre is active in other fields. This includes offering music concerts, promoting running races and projects to serve the public

Running races at the Peace Mile

4mile-homeEvery summer we offer a series of running races in Cutteslowe Park, Oxford. These ‘self-transcendence’ races offer local runners the opportunity to test themselves on a popular course in Cutteslowe Park. The races are run on the 1 mile Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile, which was inaugurated in 1985.

View more at UK Sri Chinmoy Races

Peace Run

oxford-peace-runOn numerous occasions, the Sri Chinmoy Peace Run has visited Oxford, where we have visited local schools, and members of the Oxford community.

Peace Run.org

Articles on meditation

Some articles on meditation to give some inspiration to learn about meditation

Meditation and everyday life

In one sense meditation is a retreat from the world. We close our eyes, sit still and try to escape from the thoughts of the mind. In real meditation, we can experience a tranquillity and peace that is usually lacking in our everyday life. This moment of silent reflection and inner peace is a wonderful way to start the day. If we can experience even five minutes of peace first thing in the morning, it will positively affect the rest of the day for the better. These moments of meditation,… read more »

Finding time for meditation

One of the challenges in developing a regular meditation practise is finding the actual time to meditate. We have 24 hours at our disposal, but finding 20 minutes for quiet reflection can be surprisingly difficult! However, to give ourselves the best chance in getting the most out of meditation, we need to cultivate a regular daily practise. As we get into a daily routine of meditation, it becomes much easier to find time. We start to enjoy meditation so much, we want to do it before anything else; but in… read more »

Reasons to try meditation

In recent years meditation has become much more popular in the west. People from all walks of life have been trying meditation to find a greater sense of peace and learn to switch off the pressures of daily life. People may try  meditation for quite a few different reasons, but these are a few of the benefits you might get from meditation. Keeping things in perspective In the hectic hustle and bustle of life, it is easy to let things get out of perspective. We can become constantly pressured by… read more »